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Cemetery: Leroy Township Cemeteries
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Baker, Marilyn Jean 12/10/2005
Baker, Monument
Baker, Paul Everett 08/26/1975
Baker, Sarah 06/20/1827
Baker, Sibelia F. 08/29/1879
Balaz, Anna 09/04/1972
Balaz, John 01/03/1967
Balaz, Mary 01/14/1936
Balch, Alzina 07/19/1844
Balch, Charles 11/11/1874
Balch, Charles M 05/06/1930
Balch, Charley 00/00/1880
Balch, Electa Covey 12/28/1886
Balch, Harriet E. 00/00/1913
Balch, Jason M. 03/20/1852
Balch, Joel 04/29/1869
Balch, Leonia M. 02/21/1918
Balch, Lousia 11/12/1889
Balch, Richard F. 08/31/1843
Balch, Sarah A. 08/24/1843
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