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Cemetery: Leroy Township Cemeteries
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Abbey, Cloenda 08/16/1906
Abbey, George 07/13/1896
Abbey, Henry J. 05/03/1867
Abbey, Infant Daughter 10/22/1870
Abbey, Zella J. 09/30/1957
Adams, Ann 00/00/0000
Adams, Betty J. 04/15/1993
Adams, Delmar C 11/27/1937
Adams, Edith 01/06/2009
Adams, Elton Glenn 06/28/1991
Adams, Letie C. 08/23/1883
Adams, Mary Irene 04/16/1925
Adams, Mary Julia 03/17/1979
Adams, Monument
Adams, Orville 00/00/0000
Adams, Verner E. 07/20/1986
Alexander, Henry M. 01/09/1913
Alexander, Mary J 11/23/1940
Allen, Mary Josephine 12/18/2013
Andreano, Donald Albert 05/20/1989